2015 Quartz Hill Region 638 Board

Please be considerate of the time you call. No calls before 9:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.

Executive Board Members

Position Name Phone E-mail
Commissioner Jack Rust 722-7723 Jack
Asst Commissioner Eric Dombrowski 917-0577 Eric
Asst Commissioner Jill Gousman 270-6764 Jill
Asst Commissioner Heidi Garcia 886-3023 Heidi
Treasurer Natalie Carper 574-5372 Natalie
Child Protection Advocate Melanie Aguilar 205-5771 Melanie
Asst Child Protection Advocate Vacant
Safety Director Scott Jones 722-4003 Scott
Registrar Lisa Duncan 952-5814 Lisa
Coach Administrator Eric Dilger 917-3036 Eric
Asst Coach Administrator Scott Jones 722-4003 Scott
Referee Instructor & Assessor Tim Haddad 576-2020 Tim
Referee Administrator John Schoorl 878-3280 John
Asst Referee Administrator John Zilahy 526-8651 John
Secretary Kathy Bowen
Facilities Director Brad Dunton 818-652-6899 Brad
Ways and Means Director Luis Garcia 789-7115 Luis
Programs Director Yvette Zilahy 526-8651 Yvette
Tournament Director Jack Rust 722-7723 Jack
U05 Jamboree Director Vacant
Coach Coordinators Click here


Position Descriptions

The “Commish” runs the organization. S/he is responsible to the National organization for all the goes on in the Region. S/he is a member of the national board, so has voting rights for changes to the National Rules and By Laws. This is a required position by National. This is by far the most time consuming position, since s/he has responsibility for everything.

Assistant Commissioner
The Assistant Commissioner is like any vice president position, s/he takes over for the Commissioner in the event of absence. S/he may also have particular duties such as keeping the scores and any thing else the Commish and Board directs.

The Treasurer keeps the books and writes the checks, as with any other organization. All refunds must go through the treasurer, so s/he must receive a note in writing stating intent to quit. The rules governing refunds can be read in the Region By-Laws. This is a required position by National and the incumbent can not be related to the Commissioner.

Safety Director
The Safety Director is responsible for safety in the region. S/he must assure that the fields are in a safe condition and make sure the appropriate forms are available and filled out in the case of injury. This is a required position by National.

The Registrar is responsible for all registration material, registration advertising, managing the registrations, and getting all players and volunteers registered. The registrar must keep a data base of all current players and update the National data base on a periodic basis. This is the second most time consuming job on the Board. It requires a considerable amount of time especially starting several months before the season and lasting through the first couple of month.

Coach Administrator
The Coach Administrator is responsible for recruiting coaches, training them, mentoring them through the season, and keeping them informed. S/he is assisted by the division Coordinators, of which there is one for each of the following: U19 and U16, U14 Boys, U14 Girls, U12 Boys, U12 Girls, U10 Boys, U10 Girls, U8 Boys, U8 Girls, U6 Boys, and U6 Girls. Their job is to help the Coach Administrator in performing this very important job. This job grows as the Region grows, because of the large number of teams. (154 in 2000)

Referee Administrator
The Referee Administrator is responsible for recruiting referees, training them, scheduling them for games, evaluating their progress, and mentoring them through out the season. S/he is assisted by Referee Instructors, who are trained to teach the Referee Courses, and by Referee Schedulers, who help to make sure referees are scheduled for all games above U8 during the season. There will be no games without a referee for these games. There is also a Youth Referee Advocate to schedule and work with our youth referees.

The Secretary is responsible to takes notes of all meeting, publish them for all board members, write any correspondence, and take care of the uniforms.

Facilities Director
The Facilities Director is responsible to work with the various government or school organizations that own the facilities, schedule the fields for practice, schedule facilities for the various classes, and make sure the fields are ready for playing on game days. This is probably one of the most important but also the most thankless jobs that requires a lot of dedication and patience.

Child Protection Advocate
The Child Protection Advocate is responsible for administering the registration of all volunteers for the Region. The Child Protection Advocate is responsible to file a copy of the registrations with the National Support & Training Center and maintain a copy in a secure location. The Child Protection Advocate is responsible for investigating any volunteer that exhibits suspicious behavior. This is a required board position.

Program Director
The Program Director is responsible for the various events such as Soccerfests, Soccer Clinics, Banner Day, Picture Day, and Awards Night.

Way and Means Director
The Way and Means Director is responsible for fundraising type activities, such as the Snack Bar and the Fundraiser.

Tournament Director
The Tournament Director is responsible to lead the regions effort for the tournament we sponsor. S/he is also responsible to coordinate the tournament teams and the tournaments which they attend. The Tournament Treasurer is appointed by the Commish to keep track of the funds for all the tournament teams. All funds for the tournament teams must pass through the region tournament account.