The Internet can be a powerful learning tool.  However, children have been lured into a world that they are not prepared for.  Recently a lot of our children have been visiting a website that was promoted as a place that our kids could go, talk to their friends, post pictures, and meet new people.  Unfortunately some of the new people they might be meeting turn out to be sexual predators.  A lot of our children are under the belief that only their "friends" have access to their personal profiles, comments, bulletin boards, etc.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Anyone who signs up at this website (Yes it is FREE!) can lure your child into something they are not prepared for.  Sexual predators are usually male but can also be female.  Talk to your child, find out if they have visited this site and established their own "space."  Sit down and walk through their space yourself and decide if you want your child's profile on the internet which includes their pictures, their names, ages, school they attend, what they like, dislike, and the list goes on and on.    But be aware there are other third-party websites that promote the same things on the internet.  Our children might not understand, but as parents it is our responsibility to protect them from predators.  A 13-year-old boy recently committed suicide because of horrific comments made about him on the Internet and posted to one of these sites.  The police recently attended a party set up by a registered sex offender where he portrayed himself to be a teenage boy on one of these sites that was having a big party because his parents were out of town.  

AYSO NATIONAL has determined that we should not list these websites that our children could be victimized by because by listing them we would be promoting them.  If you have a question about the specific sites that our children are using then please contact our Regional Commissioner, John Meikle or our Website Manager, Michael Linder.

In addition, log on to the California Megan's law website and see who your neighbor might really be.  We have convicted rapists living very close to our schools and parks.

DISCLAIMER:  This information was placed here as a warning since it was recently discovered how many of our soccer families could be affected.  You must judge for yourselves if the material in the websites is suitable for your individual family. Talk to your internet provider about blocking websites from your machine if you choose to do so.  If you find other websites that you believe might be dangerous to our children, Email them to the WEBMASTER, so that the website name can be posted on this page and other parents can have the opportunity to review the site.