Referee Information

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Referee Training

AYSO Referee training by certified instructors enables you to referee kids soccer games in a Safe Fair and Fun manner. All volunteers start by taking a Regional Referee class. Those who want to improve their game, to provide an even better experience for the kids will get several opportunities to upgrade later to an Intermediate, Advanced or National referee level.

There are typically two or three upgrade Referee trainings locally offered each year in summer or winter to get Intermediate or Advanced Referee Status.

We usually have four Regional Referee classes planned for each year. These are the classes that a new AYSO referee takes. Historically we offer a 1-day (Saturday or Sunday) class in July, August, and September. We also try to offer one 3-evening class in September.

Referee Training Calendar

  • Regional Referee - Saturday August 16, 8am - 5pm. (Roster number 201402312)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday September 16, 17, 18, 5pm - 8pm, ALL 3 EVENINGS. (Roster number 201403903)
  • Sunday September 28, 8am - 5pm. (Roster number 201404304)
  • Advanced Referee Upgrade traininig to be held in Victorville on Friday Nov 21 and Sunday Nov 23. (Roster number 201404607).

  • Please contact Tim Haddad directly if you wish to enroll in either of these trainings.

    Quartz Hill Referees Attend National Referee Training

    This June, six Quartz Hill Advanced Referees spent three days taking a National Referee Training course at the Ken Aston Referee Camp. Standing from left to right are Mark Reynolds, Stefan Schneider, Phil Raquipiso, Michael Kennedy (Principal Instructor and former FIFA referee 1999-2006), Walter Williams, Sandra Serafini (Principal Instructor and FIFA referee 2006-2009), Tim Haddad and Rodney Jacobson. These six dedicated AYSO volunteers signed up for the very intensive National Referee training so they could improve their game. Last season, they refereed in over 200 of our Regional games as we rely heavily on them (and many others) to make our kids games Safe, Fair and Fun. Congratulations!

    To sign up for Referee Training, please login to, then select enroll to take a class. In the roster box enter the appropriate 9-digit number class number, then click the search button. Select the class and click the course signup button.

    Five Steps To be an AYSO-certified Regional Referee (U8 & U10):

    1. Fill out an on-line Volunteer Form at (this is a yearly requirement) and turn in two copies to one of our Child Volunteer Protection Advocates (CVPAs).

    • This can be done at any Registration, or Coach Training or Referee Training.

    2. Take the on-line Safe Haven training at (this is required every 2 years; it takes about 30 minutes).

    • To login to you need your AYSO volunteer ID number. You can find your number by logging into If you are already a volunteer your number is displayed. If you are not yet a volunteer, as soon as you fill out the on-line form, a volunteer number is generated for you.

    3. Take the on-line Concussion Awareness training at (currently required just once; it takes about 40 minutes).

    4. Sign up on-line to attend a Regional Referee Class.

    • Login to
    • Click on the 'Enroll to take a class' link.
    • Type 'Lancaster' in the 'city' field and click the 'search' button.
    • All coach and referee trainings that have rosters ready to go will appear.
    • Click on the course you wish to take then click on the 'course sign-up' button.

    5. Attend one of the four Regional Referee Trainings offered each year at the Lancaster National Soccer Center, Eastside Building, just EAST of Avenue L and 30th Street East (8.5 hr training required just once).

    This may seem like a lot of requirements, but it is really not too much effort. All these steps are necessary to protect our children and protect both you and our region from lawsuits, as all volunteers are required by law to be properly trained.


    • Tim Haddad - Referee Administrator: 943-9377;
    • Chris Vandiver - Assistant Referee Administrator: 992-2371;
    • John Schoorl - Assistant Referee Administrator: 878-3280;
    • John Zilahy - Assistant Referee Administrator: 526-8651;
    • David Huhman - Referee Instructor: 886-4882;